Tubular structure work

Tubular structure work

We have to introduce ourselves as one of the foremost suppliers of Tubular Structures involved in Designing, Fabrication and Erection of various types of Steel Structure. We have our Designing cell, Fabrication Shop etc. for undertaking Designing & Fabrication of conventional or any other type of critical Structure arrangement. We have undertaken a successfully completed fabrication work of various spans, heights, length and shapes of sheds used for various purpose such as temporary accommodation, Industrial shed, Workshop, Gypsy huts etc. We hereby offer our services for supplying Tubular Structure as per your requirements and shall be obliged if favored with your esteemed enquiries for the same. We are confident that in view of our past experience in the field of supplying structures for al type & sizes of godown for various govt. agencies and a host of parties, we shall be able to meet your requirements satisfactorily.

Service Details:

Material               Steel

Feature                Easily Assembled

In order to retain remarkable position in this industry, we are providing Tubular Structure Fabrication Services.

Other details:

Provided with timely execution

Fabrication service is done perfectly in an efficient manner


Hassle-free compilation in a professional manner